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PresidentMakoto Nagakura

Since our establishment of business, we have been planning, proposing, developping and supplying variety of up-to-date devices in the many kinds of field such as biotechnology, clinical laboratory, pharmaceutical companies, and gene engineering with our own knowledge, experience, and high-technology. Our company name "BIOTEC" has our belief and longing in it that the biotechnology brings happiness and wellfare to the people, and that our company carries it out. And, we did carry it out, and have been carrying it on as "Total planner for life science devices". The enthusiasm for it comes from desire of all our staff to pursuit the venture mind and to share the great joy of creation with our clients and customers. We promise to have been carrying on the development of our own high technology, especially our core competency of micro volume dispensing and automation of high throughput processing. Then, we have been contributing to the development of life science through planning, developping, and supplying made-in-Japan products with high quality and precision. Futhermore, we will be such a company as be able to contribute to food supplying and earth environment in the world. Your attention and collaboration with BioTec is welcome and greatly appreciated.

Company Profile

Company Name BIOTEC CO., LTD.
Established March 1st, 1978
Representative Makoto NAGAKURA - President
Total Employee 21 (End of March 2017)
Capital 30 million Japanese Yen


"Total Planner" for Life Science Devices

BIOTEC aims at contributing to society by leading Life Science


  1. Share the Rejoice of Creation
  2. Pursuit of Venture-mind
  3. Propose Happiness and Consideration


Head Office

Furusawa Bldg. 2-29-4 Yushima,
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0034, Japan
TEL:+81 3-3816-6931
FAX:+81 3-3818-4554

Osaka Office



TEL:+81 6-6151-9690
FAX:+81 6-6151-9689