Optimal solution for your business by automated devices and systems

BioTec - OEM supplier

We, BioTec, have been planning, developing, and supplying our products to you with your brand on an OEM baisis. Besde on our know-how and long time experience on high accuracy liquid dispensing, we supply total solution by automation device and system for your facility. The processing of reagents will be automated - from pretreatment to detecting, measuring, and analyzing.

Core Competence - High accuracy liquid dispensing head


BioTec's Core Competence lies in Liquid handling technology. For example, world highest level technology of liquid dispensing with disposable tips such as Small volume dispensing with accuracy to 0.1µL, and 1536-ch simultaneous dispensing.

Our OEM achievements

  • Full automated immunoassay system
  • Dispensing system for High Throughput Screening (HTS)
  • Pretreatment machine for Bacteria test (Colorimetric/Fluorescence)
  • Pretreatment machine for Bacteria test(Luminescence)
  • Nucleic acid extraction unit for clinical testing
  • POCT reagent processing device
  • Fluorescence detection equipment
  • ELISA washer for clinical testing
  • Cell washer
  • Spotting unit for HPLC

Expansion to the world


These days, more and more countries and markets are requiring Safety standard to foreign products. We will support expansion of your business to the world with our appropriate advice.

Acquired Safety Standard

  • UL(NA)
  • CE(Europe)
  • ETL(NA)
  • RoHS(Europe)
  • FDA(NA)

Time to Market

  1. Figure out customer's demand
  2. Proposal of product outline
  3. Determine Spec/Design for prototype
  4. Build up Prototype
  5. Verification of Prototype
  6. Determine spec for mass production
  7. Start mass production
  8. Verification of mass production
  9. Release to the market
  10. Sales/Service support

* The above is just an example.