Custom-built machine


We, BioTec, supply custom-built machines to meet your demand, as well as ready-made models. Besed on our own technology and experience which has been developed for over 30 years since our founding of business, we propose, develop, and supply the devices for many situations such as research, diagnostics, manufacturing, and so on. We have been supplying our products to many of pharmaceutical companies, institutes, reagent companies since our foundation. Also, we supply consumables, and many kinds of peripherals, and have many means to solve your problem on business. We are waiting for your contact.

Consecutive automatic dispenser and plate-washer for 96-well ELISA plate.



  • Automate all the process of manufaturing 96-well ELISA plate for diagnostics kit ; From dispensing antigen, antibody, blocking-liquid, and coating-liquids.
  • High speed processing of dispensing 800 plates/h, and washing 600 plates/h
  • Verifying the dispensing for each well in real time by supersonic sensors, and you can check it with recorded data after the processing.
  • Accommodate 120 micro-plates in its storage
  • 3 units of dispensing/washing units can be incorporated in one system.
  • Automatic reagent supplying system is available.

Plate processor for Variety culture medium fro bacteria



  • Change the format from 96pcs test tubes to a 96ch deep well plate with the special design funnel.
  • Process the micro-plate with variety culture medium for bacteria by dispensing the designated volume of the medium from 96ch deep well plate to 96-well plate.
  • High throughput processing with 100pcs of 96-well plate at one batch.
  • With 2 separate modules for plate supplying, you can add 50pcs of plate at one time during operation.
  • 96ch large-size dispensing head is able to aspirate and dispense the medium from test tubes with around 20mm diameter at the maximum volume of 2mL.
  • There is the special design container which can accommodate, wash and dry the funnel and the head.

4ch dispenser with variable pitch head



  • Able to dispense the liquid between different pitch sample tubes and micro-plate for sampling.
  • Able to process the plate with deluted sample.
  • Accommodate maximum 15pcs micro-plate.
  • Equipped with the sensors for tip-mounting, liquid level, and nozzle clogging detection.
  • Achieve the high accuracy dispensing with the syringe located just above the head.

Tissue chopper



  • Chopping tissue on a laboratory dish to paste
  • Compact size - can be used in safety cabinet/bench.
  • Chopping speed of head : max 240 strokes/min (variable)
  • A razor blade on the shelf is used for chopping (detachable)