Variable-Pitch-Nozzle Sampling System EDR-VS8/VS10

EDR-VS10 (1-926).jpeg

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- Multi-channel sampling system with variable- pitch nozzles.
- 8ch and 10ch models are available (The photo is 10ch model)
- Little air gap type dispensing mechanism makes it possible to dispense with high precision (10-1000uL)
- Sensors are monitoring the operating condition such as liquid level detection, tip mounting, and liquid aspiration in real time.
- Throughput is 1000 samples/hour (8ch model)
- Registering the dimension of containers and racks on the work area, the head unit avoids collision with them automatically during operation.


Dispensing method 8ch/10ch independent syringe
Dispensing volume 10 - 1000μl
Usable plate/tube 96-well Microplate, Deep-well plate, PCR plate, Blood collection tube, PCR tubes, Centrifuge tubes, Reagent reservior, etc.
Dispensing Precision Within CV 3% (at 100μL wall-touch dispensing)
Throughput 1000 samples/hour (8ch model)
Dispensing Accuracy 100μL±2μL
Nozzle pitch range 9 - 25mm
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz
Controller PC with dedicated-designed software
Dimension W1400mm x D900mm x H1200mm
Weight Approximate 190kg

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