"Bench top" multi-pipetter EDR-384SR


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Applicable to 96/384ch plate




Compact size - Usable in a clean bench
Easy and simple operation on bench top for reagent dispensing on to a plate, sample transfer, cultural media replacing
High speeed operation with 96/384ch simultaneous dispensing
Head for single line dispensing is able to dispense the liquid to the pate in both direction; longer side and narrow side.
Equipped with a power outlet on the left side of body, which can be turned ON/OFF with PC. Usable for stirrer unit, etc.


Dispensing method 96/384ch independent cylinder
Dispensing head 96/384ch disposable casette type head,
Tip holder type head for a single line dispensing
Dispensing volume

1-40μL (96ch, 384ch), 1-300μL(96ch)

Usable plate 384/96-well plate, Deep-well plate, PCR plate, etc.
Number of stages 3 stages (Plates arranged in narrow side)
Dispensing Precision Within ±2% (in the case of 100μL dispensing)
Dispensing Accuracy Within CV3% (in the case of 100μL dispensing)
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz
Control Special designed software for PC (with touch pannel)
Dimensions W300mmxD290mmxH330mm
Weight Approximate 14kg (Main unit, Not including sylinder or head)

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EDR-384SR 384プレート分注

EDR-384SR 2 units operation