Compact Workstation EDR-24LX

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- Compact size and light weight - Able to set in Clean Bench and Safety Cabinet.
- 1/6/12/24ch dispense heads are available and changeable easily.
- A variety of liquid container can be used, such as multi-dishes, micro-tubes as well as 96/384ch Microplate.
- All dispense heads are equipped with air pressure sensor for liquid level detection.
- Maximum 4pcs of microplates can be set on the stages (the photo is 3-stage model).


Dispensing method Independent cylinder for each channel
Dispensing head

1ch (1-50μL、10-300μL、10-1000μL)
6ch (10-1000μL)
12ch (1-50μL、10-300μL) * Can be used as 8ch head.
24ch (0.5-40μL) * Can be used as 16ch head.

Dispensing Precision Within CV 3%
Usable plate Micro-well plate, Deep-well plate, PCR plate, 1.5mL/2.9mL micro tube, Blood collection tube, etc.
Number of stages

4 stages for microplate in longer side front
3 stages for microplate in shorter side front

Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz
Control Tablet PC & Dedicated designed software
Dimensions W490mxD430mxH450mm (only Main unit)
Weight Approximate 23kg

Gallery * Click Photo to larger view


Format change from 96ch to 384ch with 12ch head