BIOTEC has been supplying many kinds of automation system to the fields such as Genome, Proteome, Drug discovery/HTS, Clinical lab test, and Basic research for a long time as "Total Planner of Life-Science".


Sampling system, Dispenser, Microplate washer

Many products such as Sampling system, 96-1536-well automatic dispenser, Microplate washer, and Diluter are being used by the customers in Drug discovery/HTS, ELISA, and so on.


Devices for Genome, Proteome, Drug discovery/HTS

BIOTEC has wide product rage of Ultra-Micro volume dispenser or other devices for Pre-treatment of Genomic analysis and Protein quantification.


Products for Clinical lab test

BIOTEC has been supplying devices for Virus and Blood test such as Automatic dispenser/diluter, Automatic Hemagglutination blood cell reader, and Devices related to HLA typing.


OEM and Custom-built model

BIOTEC is planning, designing, and developing automation system on your demand, and supports your business with its high technology and long-time experience on precise liquid handling.


Other products

BIOTEC also supplies unique devices such as Automatic tip loader, and Micro-volume spotter to meet the demand of customers in various fields.